Corrosion and Anticorrosion Protection Laboratory

Cluj-Napoca, B-dul Muncii 103-105, Room G09C, Tel. +40-264-401696


In our laboratory we carrying out the followings:

  1. estimation of corrosive action of different natural atmospheric environments,

  2. anticorrosive protection of materials in different aggressive climatic conditions: urban, industry, marine, mining etc.,

  3. testing of galvanic (contact) corrosion of different metals;

  4. accelerated corrosion testing of protective paint coatings;

  5. investigate the micro-structural properties of protective coatings: thickness, impact tests, adherence (cross-cut and pull off methods), drawability, elasticity, relative hardness and abrasion;

  6. improving corrosion resistance of hot-dip galvanized coatings;

  7. choice of paints for effective protection of galvanized steel structures;


  1. to protect people, goods and environment, against the negative effects of corrosion;

  2. to help industry in finding reliable solutions regarding corrosion and corrosion protection;

  3. to develop new effective corrosion protection technologies, with low impact on the natural environment.

Research is conducted in a research facility with corrosion, electrochemical, microscopy, and analytical capabilities